The most
exploration tool.

No longer is the need for purchasing costly underwater drones and submarines or taking exorbitant diving trips.

The deep sea is within your reach.

AE Architecture

1The underwater drone (Find-X), the floating module, and the platform form a comprehensive and reliable underwater technology network.

2Under the sea, Find-X is your eyes and senses.It will be controlled remotely via the Internet by you through our platform with the help of the Floating Module. Multiple Find-X are located in various seas of the world.

3The floating module is the middle-man between sea (Find-X) and land (you). Your command will be sent to floating module via the Internet. It will then communicate that demand to Find-X through a cable. And voila! You are the captain of the Find-X ‘ship’.

4The web platform is the interface where you can control our underwater drone, following exciting ocean expeditions or gather data for your research.

AE contains three parts


Floating Module

AE Platform