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Who says the magics of the ocean belongs exclusively to the expert divers with expensive equipments?

Aalto Explorer is a seamless underwater technology network that enables you and your friends to explore the deep sea right from anywhere you're with an active internet. Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) is a very important technology used to monitor underwater surveillance. Blockchain technology is also used along with its data integrity and security. Bitcoin trading is enhancing the popularity of blockchain technology too. The use of bitcoin robots like the immediate edge is helping many traders to boost their profits. Read the immediate edge erfahrung blog to learn more about the immediate edge.

Our Solutions

Aalto Explorer

In order to create sea exploration experience, we build an ecosystem. Our solution contains three parts:

Find-X, the Underwater Drone

Floating Module to support Find-X

Aalto Explorer platform, where you and your friends access and control the drone through the Internet.

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We realize that everyone has different questions regarding the sea exploration. Passengers enjoy the oceanic scenery, while researchers need further details about the sea such as salinity.

Have a look at how you can join the expedition!

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How Expedition works

1Get early bird tickets by supporting us on Indiegogo.

2Once you have purchased the tickets, you will get a Booking ID, which you can use to log in on Aalto Explorer plaform.

3Enjoy the underwater experience with your Aalto Explorer ticket!

Explore with VR

Aalto Explorer develops the platform on Virtual Reality so that you can immerge yourself into the undersea and be in the present with the ocean exploration



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