Expedition with Aalto Explorer

As simple as ABC.

Purchasing a ticket, you are granted access to our platform where you can control Find-X or follow expeditions.

What is better? Explore with your friends and family. In real time. In Virtual Reality.

Use Cases

Be the first explorers.

Purchase tickets to explore the oceans today! Starting from €120 for unlimited access for one year.


Best way to explore the ocean

  1. Be a member of our explorer community
  2. Access to camera recordings & livestreams
  3. Join real-time expeditions created by other users
  4. Access to data collected by Find-X sensors
  5. Create and manage expeditions
  6. Complete control of Find-X during expeditions
  7. Validity
  8. Frequency
  9. Price

Gain full control of the expeditions

1 Year Max 21 expeditions/week.Book slots to control the ROV. €100
per month

Follow and capture the best moments of exploration

1 Year Unlimited follows

per month

Explore the ocean and gather real-time marine data

1 Year Real-time and constant access to data. €50
per month

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